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Connectify Pro 3.4 Full Keygen

Sudah tidak asing kan dengan software ini,atau baru tau,oke software Connectify ini adalah software yang bisa menjadikan laptop/pc anda yang bisa terhubung ke internet tentunya,dijadikan Hotspot Wi-fi untuk laptop lain atau gadget ber Wi-Fi agar bisa ikut berinternet ria,nah yang saya share kali ini adalah versi 3.4 yang tentunya ada penambahan fitur-fitur baru yang akan lebih memaksimalkan fungsi software ini :

Link Download (IDWS) :

Download Connectify Pro3.4 Full Keygen

  • Faster: Connectify is now faster (20% faster on client-to-client, and client-to-host networking) and uses significantly less CPU than previous versions.
  • Better support for streaming video, peer-to-peer, and gaming: The software for UPnP, MTU, and client-to-client communications have all been reworked for speed and reliability. Some examples of applications that now work noticeably better from clients include the XBox 360’s Zune Marketplace and uTorrent.
  • Better support for 3G/4G cards: A number of additional mobile broadband cards and wireless carrier configurations are now supported. Certain 3G/4G cards that were misidentified as Ethernet cards are now correctly recognized as mobile broadband cards.
  • Options to turn off Fling File Transfers and Network Peer Scanning: Some people requested the ability to turn off the Fling Wi-Fi File Transfer functionality, and we have complied. Turning off Network Peer Scanning will make Connectify no longer detect web servers and shared drives on other computers, but will also prevent it from issuing ARP packets onto the network. Both options can be found in the Connectify Menu under Advanced Settings.
  • Windows 8 Support (Beta): Connectify now works on Windows 8. This is beta level support, please tell us how it works for you.


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